Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am screwed!

They were really close friends, so close that they took each other for granted. Each thought the other knew him fully, and they carried on with life. And yet, something was wrong inside. They weren't as close as they thought they were.

A major difference of opinions came in between, and yet, they concealed their resentment, never bothered to discuss it right then.

Their motives were pure, both wanted not to hurt the other, both were trying, yet, both knew, things weren't same anymore.

And finally they fought. They fought badly, the hidden and suppresed resentment came out in open. Two great friends fought, and I was standing there helplessly.

Both are so close to me too, they both wanted me to troubleshoot their cause, they both didn't want this fight, and yet, both were fighting.

And I could do nothing, because I myself had been through such a scene the very same day, I wasn't able to help myself, what help could I offer to them?

And in a way, I wanted them to fight, for it was the first time they were honest to each other; they might have said so many harsh things, but they were honest in expressing their feelings. Both were right from their viewpoints, but were stern about not seeing other's view.

In so close relations, such dear friendships, it's honesty that helps to nourish the relation. It hurts terribly to hear honest opinions from your dear ones, but it helps equally.

Even I had my experience yesterday, heard the harshest truth about my place in a friend's life. It hurt me really bad, but I appreciate it, it cleared so many doubts, it avoided so many future problems. It would hurt for a long time to come, but seeing things from other's viewpoint makes one understand why someone does things, the way he does.

Serious things apart, I stand as a loser.. because these were the friends whom I could talk to, anytime anyday, and they have faught bitterly. As if everything had been planned, my TV tuner has stopped working, so no TV for a week! My sister's office hours have changed, so while I get bored to death, she is sleeping to glory.
Things in office are also not bright! Just when things were going great, and I got an offical mail of appreciation by my PL and architect, my office mates discovered about my personal life's misery! There are other dear friends who don't have time to meet, and there is a special one who has some mysterious reasons which I myself am not able to see, even if I try to see from anybody's viewpoint!!!!
And that's life! Just when you think you have figured it out, and are going great, it screws you right there, as if to prove - "I am almighty!"

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