Thursday, April 21, 2005

Few things I hate in guys..

1. Guys growing nails, and to top it shaping them. I know one guy who does that!
2. Guys putting nail polish on their grown nails. I know the same guy, he does it!
3. Guys sticking their nailpolished finger up their nose in public and dig the whole world out from there. This same guy does it.
4. Guys scratching their private assests in public, and then sniffing their damn hands. This same guy does it!
5. Guys trying to act hep by wearing Kannada rowdie style outfits. And this guy does it!
6. Guys downloading all the silly ringtones, and letting their cheap phones ring till eternity at the loudest tone. This guy does it!
7. Guys dragging their feet on ground while walking and thus making noise. This guy does it!
8. Guys making slurping noise while eating. This guy does it always!
9. Guys poking into other's privacy while pissing in the pee pot. This guy can always be caught doing so!
10. Finally guys with guts to offer their very same hands for handshake. This guy did it!

In short - I hate him!


Kanishka Agiwal said...

Some of the stuff is done by Rajeev. No idea about the others.

Srinivas said...

Who's this anyway?!

Keshav said...

Kannu, apart from point 4 and 9, I don't see Rajeev doing any more. But still that's gross! :)

And regarding the identity, I must not disclose it, or I would be thrown out of my company!

Keshav said...

A new point that I noticed in the very same guy last evening -- He has shaved his head (for whatever reasons that may be), and to act smart wears a cheap, dirty, pirated cap.. that too ulta!! and that makes him look like a shaved camel!