Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Dad's birthday!

Its my dad's birthday today!

My dad is one real hero for me, not because all dads are heros in their children's eyes. But because he is a real hero. A true champ when it comes to perseverence, unfazed optimism, and mental strength. His life has been one tough path which I would never dare dream to have, but its his qualities only that he is still carrying on. Inspite of all the pains that he faced, never for once did he let it get reflected on us... life for us was always a dream... never in my 4 years stay in college I realised that he was going through one of his worst finacial crisis in life, with his business failing misrebly, thanks to the Govt in my native and the rowdies. The moment I was falling short on cash I would call up my dad and the next day I would get my check, never for once did he ask me to be rational in spending.

Now that I have started earning, its my duty to shape his life up, help him in all my capacities to save his ailing business. And knowing the fact that he has far more self respect than me, its going to be a tough task. But that's precisely why I adore him so much.

My relations with him have never been like friends.. I used to be really close to my mother... but I respect him like crazy, though sometimes I get pissed with his stern and stubborn attitude.

I wish I could be as optimistic, as mentally strong, and as rich as him in his never say die approach.

I never knew I was this fragile... but sometimes things are not in your control.

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Anonymous said...

Dear bhaiya,
whatever u have written here is really very touching.its reflects your........great love and respect for our dad.
always be the same keshav.........don't change...with the changing circumstances.u have to fulfill all our dreams.and i know u will....
with love