Monday, January 31, 2005


Its Monday again! Don't feel like working at all, no work either! After a week long tiring efforts I am finally done with my job.. and have time to relax.

But this is what I dont want. I cannot help but think and be philosophical! Work, atleast diverts my mind for sometime... I anyways do the thinking part at night.. and overdose of that really tires me.

Went for another jolly ride last evening! These days, I have been wandering along the highways without purpose... just to divert mind. I love highway drives, it really soothes my mind. Sitting on the roadside on a highway with a few occasional vehicles disturbing your thought process is really satisfying. Perhaps it's more enjoyment than taking a walk which I always miss these days.

But then how long can I go on like this? Its really eating me up.

Had my finances been better, would have taken a bike for myself. Actually I dont need it now, because I wont prefer riding for office when I have the liberty of the company bus. But still.. the joy associated with these rides make it worth buying!

Maybe after I save some decent amount will I dare thinking about this costly whimsicality!

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