Thursday, June 28, 2007

Liril fall

This is one of the photos from my recent visit to Hogenakal. Seeing it I was reminded of the old Liril advertisment. I postprocessed it a bit using Picasa to add glowing effect and some blurring at edges. I know it has a number of flaws but I still love the way it has turned out.

Along with photography, learning Gimp comprehensively is on top of my agenda these days.

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anoop said...

nice shot keshav. I love the colour contrasts: the green of the algae and plants, the redness of the stones and the gushing water everywhere else.

About the blurr on the edges: i took a look at the exif info of this photo. The blurring, i think, is because of the high aperture opening F/4, try using a lower apertures or higher F-number when u want greater depth of field (DOF).

post processing using Gimp: yeah, gimp is quite good and quite easy too. The only post processing i usually do is
1> crop and rsize,
2> sharpen,
3> adjust contrast and brightness.