Sunday, February 04, 2007

The first few photos from my camera.... click on each image to enlarge it.

I hate cats but this one looked so nice and was so co-operative that I could not help but capture its photo. There is a little bit of shake in the photo, but that due to my fear of this little creature.

This is something I spotted today wandering pointlessly while my friends were yelling at and waiting for me during lunch.

I liked this too.

Somewhere on Kanakpura Road, while we were on our way to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's aashram. (I was not going voluntarily).

This one again was at the same aashram...

Water from a fountain at Ravi Shankar's aashram...

Goddess Saraswati at the aashram..

The mandapa at the aashram..

The guru himself.. He said a few words to me but I couldn't get a bit as it was in Kannada.

Earlier in the day...

This somehow makes me believe that the Shire in the Hobbit would have looked alike. I like this picture.


Sriram said...

hey, nice pictures. congrats on a great camera! It is a very good one.

now that you have seen Gurudev himself, and taken pictures in the ashram, why are you holding back from experiencing the course? there is one starting 20th feb 645-945 at jayanagar. call 9886751356 to register!

RK said...

I liked the water droplets, and the light pink flowers. The magenta button roses are a tad out of focus. And the cat doesnt look too pleased with you. The tree roots are very Shire like! Excellent.

Btw, Goddess is spelt with a double 'd'. :)

Keshav said...

@Sriram: Thanks. :) But sorry to inform you that I do not believe in any such Gurus. I'm fine the way I'm and am not holding myself from his course.

@Rk: Finally! Welcome. :)
I too noticed the blur in the roses' photo. It was taken while the bike was on and friends were yelling. So had to rush. Even the cat photo is having a shake. And obviously, it was expressing the negative vibes that we have for each other.

And I will correct the spelling. Thanks. :D

anoop said...

the cats getting ready to pounce on you - ill tempered feline. i like friendly cats which are not to be seen anywhere in this country.
the photo of water droplets has left me stumped! how is it taken? i can see three layers of focus, rather two layers of water droplets out of focus and one layer of water droplets in crisp focus. the droplets inside the focusing distance appear like blobs with misty edges and the droplets beyond the focus distance appear very tiny and moving fast. nothing i know of is explaining me how this photo is taken!

Keshav said...

@Anoop: Oh, you have no idea how much do cats and I loathe each other. I just can't stand them. This cat however, wasn't upset at me. It was in general upset while I took the snap from a very safe distance. Not only do I hate them, I'm petrified of them too.

Regarding the water droplets photo, I just wanted to capture the water droplets glittering like steel nuggets against the setting sun. It looked very soothing to the naked eyes.. so I captured them. I never cared how to take it beyond just getting the correct focus and exposure.

Arjun Karande said...

Wonderful camera, but the pictures are the result of the mind behind the lens more than the lens itself.

Great work, I will hire you to do my modeling portfolio.

Keshav said...

@Arjun: Thanks for the praise. Now I surely will make your portfolio, the only condition being I want to capture your pot belly. It is so cute - just like mine. :P