Monday, December 04, 2006

Random again

I'm not a regular drinker to be able to comment on the finer taste specific details of different alcoholic beverages, but I can surely say that Abisnthe is the thing to have! In spite of being a novice in this field, I could taste and figure out the intricacy of the making. The mildly bitter but rich in herbs taste is a thing to savour. It does not get you drunk in the traditional way, but the buzz it generates is a thing to experience first hand.

There are a lot of misconceptions about it. Some say it is a hallucinogen if taken in excess, while some say it's addictive. I cannot comment on the former as they didn't allow me to have more than a couple shots, but the latter must be true, as I'm already craving to have it again!

Sometimes small gestures impress you a lot, especially if they come out of the blue - totally unexpected. And this pleasant surprise gift that this sweet friend gave was really nice. I was moved, not because of the gift in particular but because of the little sweet note attached with it. :) Thanks.

And sometimes certain extremely small and trivial gestures irritate you a lot. I too had one such experience last week, and I was terribly upset, perhaps unreasonably. I think it was a small bubble that had been building up for some time and needed to burst.

I heard the title song of this new movie named Salaame-Ishq, and one thing impressed me a lot. I guess it is the first Hindi song to have used bagpipers and they sound really good and add freshness to the song. But I guess the movie is going to be another of those shot-in-breathtaking-locales-but-zero-in-content movies.

I'm extremely allergic to fiction based books. But The Hobbit is one book I thoroughly enjoyed. It is like those fairy-tales that one hears in one's childhood. Written in a very engaging and convincing way, it was a delight to read. The narration at times makes you feel as if someone's sitting by you and narrating the story. The description of the characters is very lucid and I could readily visualize the vivid scenery. Perhaps due to the fact that I've already seen The Lord of the Ring, but nevertheless full credit must be given to the author. A total entertainment!

I have invested a lot of effort in making a new proposal for development of a new tool. It turned out really impressive. I hope the way it impressed my manager and architect, it manages to impress the big bosses too, for it will be a nice experience for me to work on the tool and will get me a lot of brownie points too! :D


Ajay said...

mmm. must try this abisnthe

Anonymous said...

hey update needed.