Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oops I did it again!

There must be something skewed with me. Whoever knows me closely enough ends up thinking I'm nuts and a little crazy. My younger sister surely does, and so do my close friends. Even my dad subtly suggests I'm a little different for I've rather weird taste in almost everything. And it reaches the heights when even my young nieces rebuke me saying "Mama, tum to ekdum pagal ho!"

My problem is I'm an idealist. And perhaps due to this, more than me, the people around me get into trouble more often!

I've got a good track record of living up to my reputation. And sometimes, my antics are extremely crazy. Though I never do any such thing without giving it a proper thought and bothering about the consequences, but mostly no sane and social human being would dare to do them.

While I was with my last employer, I had once caused a major shock in a "big" meeting with most of the big guns present. One of the big guns asked if anyone had any issues or concerns, and in case if there were any, proper attention would be given to that. I realize it now that he did not intend that people should take it literally. It was more of a formal gesture that every big shot is supposed to make. It makes one a great manager!

But, how was I to know that? I took it seriously, and with full sincerity and concern rose up and pointed my finger to one of the two team leads and said that I had issues with his sincerity and that I doubted if he was helping positively to the team! And as you all can guess, the silence was shocking! Looking at the red face of the team lead in question, and the shocked and uncomfortable faces of the people around, I easily understood that I had blundered. But the point I had made was correct and I stood my ground. Finally I won.

And I did it again! This time here, with my present employers. I will not divulge much of it, but as always, I stood my ground, and I won.

Looking back now, I feel all these sound like comical narrations and make me appear like a psycho, but I swear in the name of the biggest psycho, whoever he is, that I think a million times before doing anything drastic like that. It is a tough thing to do, you see! You do so, and your bosses too think of you as a psycho. Your teammates already are fed up with your daily dose of ethical and professional code of conduct lectures. And the worst thing is that the person you have issues with, is still your teammate. He surely has to smile at you, but the meek sheepish look he carries in your presence makes you feel guilty.

But I don't care. Perhaps I don't need to, as their curses already do the job for me. :D The day I did this latest antic, I met with an accident. My bike skidded and I fell flat on my knees. I thank God that my friend who was the pillion, my bike and my new jeans are safe and sound else that guy would have had it! Come on, I did not do anything that bad that one has to curse me so much! I had spent 2.4k on my new jeans and had it been torn I would have been devastated. Luckily I got only a few bruises and a swollen knee. The jeans is as new as it was that day!

But I guess that was a gentle reminder for me to understand that being an idealist does not help. I got the message, but I choose not to take it for I am a total freak. :D


Anonymous said...

I can understand your position very well,most of the time i am in similar situations like the one described.But i guess you must continue to be this way thats makes u live up to your ethics and if others think you pagal,i guess its ok.
I hope you are not hurt too much take care of your self.

Keshav said...

@Anon: Thanks for asserting that I'm not alone, there are more psychos for company. :D :D And thanks for the concerns about health. I'm fine now, just the knee hurts.