Friday, November 03, 2006

How do you react to a situation of acute embarrassment?

I normally try to wear an unperturbed look. But then, some situations are so embarrassing that they leave you reactionless.

I always had my share of fun by looking at embarrassed people react to awkward situations. Never had I imagined that my turn too, could come! And it came at the worst time when I couldn't even jump off the building to save my face - in an elevator!

You wouldn't know what emotions force some people towards impulsive suicide! You just have to be in a stuffed elevator, surrounded by a few colleagues, a few aunties, and a cute girl! And the girl has to look at your crotch, smile, giggle and then inform you that your fly is open!

And given that you can't die on spot, all you can offer is grin - the biggest grin you can manage!

I can assure you that under those circumstances pulling up that damn zip can be the most painful and never-ending thing. The pain gets multiplied a million times when you see that even the aunties are looking at your pant with a smirk on their face!

I really wished I could die! But, sigh!! Such is life! You survive! You become shameless! You move on!

But then you go home, try to get your mind off this silly accident by Orkuting! And there you have the biggest surprise of your life - 7 friend requests from a gang of gay bastards sending you teasers and asking you to join them!

All you manage to do then is abuse them aloud, listen to music at the loudest, shag and sleep!

Ah!! I feel much better now!

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anoop said...

it beats me. You see it as a day of acute embarassment, i see it as a day packed with excitement.
im flummoxed why you shagged, at the end of an embarassing day, aah to make yourself feel better before hitting the sack, gotcha. did it help ? :p