Thursday, August 31, 2006

All the best.

I suddenly feel old and wise. Probably I'm wise, but definitely not old! :D

There are somethings which give you this feeling of been-there-seen-it-all kind. It seems like yesterday when I was on the other side, clueless and lost. I have grown a lot, improved by a big margin.

But looking at these young guns, I must say, I wasn't that bad.

I am saddened to see them struggle this way. It was meant to make them tough so that they learn and adapt fast, but it's been a vain excercise. They are not yet ready. Not at all. And time is running out for them.

I don't want to feel sorry for them, but I can't help. I did my bit and I failed. It's they who need to figure out where they stand. Self-denial is the worst enemy.
It's never late to accept failure and start afresh, but the analysis must be true.

I wish them luck.


Anonymous said...

hey do u speak with respect to the whole lot or just a couple you seen??? some ppl are still serious and know where they stand and where they plan to go...but the biger chunk still have no clue of things and the seriousness of the passing time..:)

Apps said...

interns ?:-)

Keshav said...

@Apps: No clarifications regarding that. Those who are my subject in this blog, too read it.

@Anonymous: No. I'm talking about a few pwople whom I know enough to commnet upon. And the context here is not what you think to be.

NaReN said...

hmm.. cant enforce things, isnt it.. Trying it on ourselves is so time consuming,.. no wonder, on others its really difficult :)
One has to realise things themselves, thats the best way...