Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chikna Ghada!

This could very well qualify for the Happydent Chewing Gum advertisment...

Mr Sardar Buta Singh (God knows why he has to assert that he is a Sardar! No pun intended!), chewing something very similar to a gum, and grinning profusely infront of the TV cameras, adjusting his pot belly and declaring in king like manner -

Main 26 January ki pared ki salami loonga.

Now, this is something we can classify as a daredevil act!

But Mr Sardar Buta Singh Jee had more to offer. When a reporter dared to ask the Hero if he is considering resignation on moral grounds, he shot back:
Who told you I am resigning? I have not said anything on it

And who in the world can ever take the center stage away from our political jester Mr Laloo Prasad Jee? The man apparently responsible for the whole red faced cabinet had something even better to offer:

Ab jab Supereme Court ne hi kah diya hai to hum kya kahen? Ye koi political subject thode hi hai, jo hum analyse karen. Jo kahna tha, wo to Court ne kah hi diya. Ab to ye Buta Jee jane ki aage kya karenge!

Ya right Mr Laloo Jee! Ab jab gaddi hi chali gayi to Buta Jee rahen na rahen koi farak thode hi padega aapki sehat par.

I am full excited. There is plenty of excitement left in this drama, and I can rest in peace and assurance that the news channels would surely offer me some entertaining news in recent times. After all, Advaani Jee also is totally jobless and free like me - poor chap! He too got something to look forward to!


Srinivas said...

Man - I came here expecting a movie review. What do I get?! This??!! Not fair! :(

Arjun Karande said...

Why does your web page spew out so many popups? Irritating...

Arjun Karande said...
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