Monday, September 05, 2005

A melody to ears and a feast for eyes!

Last night my sister reminded me of a song from some God damn Hindi movie!

We have had our share of fun with it. You too read and have fun.

The lead couple: Chunky Pandey :D and Mandakini :))
The location: Some waterfall.
The attire: Chunky in normal clothes, and Mandakini wears a very *cute*, hardly visible wrap of leaves which somehow manages to cover her essentials and make her look just a little more civilized than Eve.

The couple are totally lost romancing and bathing under the waterfall.. when suddely the director realises, that the plot calls for a song!

And here it comes.. the song!!

I don't remember the full lyrics.. but whatever I know is funny enough.

"Kahan laya mera yaar paharon mein...
Mera lehnga phas gaya jhaaron mein.."

And that explains why the leaves!


Abdulla syed said...
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Abdulla syed said...

very romantic!
but will still like an elobration on phenomenons of stranded lehengas.


Aha I just love these songs....

Arjun Karande said...

I think you should recognize it as a rebellion of Indian movie directors and choreographers against the clueless psuedo-idealistic repression of free sexual expression by the censor board. In a country like ours, instead of mocking such seemingly stupid expressions of rebellion, we must embrace them as a natural phase in the process of maturation of the Indian (male) mind, so as to catalyze its evolution... (voice fades)

Hehe, do you have the video? :P

Keshav said...

@Abdulla: These are the jewels of Retro Indian movies, romantic indeed!

@GreatBong: Even I do, but can't help laughing at the lyrics. Like this one:
Guy- "Bol ri gori pyar karegi?"
Girl- "Khulle jee, khulle jee"
Guy- "Laag ki rekha paar karegi?"
girl- "khulle jee khulle jee"

Come on, what a crap it is?

@Arjun: What the hell was that? This is no linguistic dude! :P
But seriously, I don't think what you said holds true. There have been better efforts and indeed more artistic ones to bring to surface the sort of rebellion you are talking about. These kinds of stupid and clueless efforts are not to rebel or make the censor board realize the maturity of Indian male audiance, it's just to pull the first few rows of crowd and make sure that your movie, which you yourself know deep down, that it does not serve art in anyways, recovers the amount you invested.

You need to see the video, it's nothing more than a cheap filler just to hold on to the viewers.

And sorry - I don't have the video - in case you get it, pass it on! ;)

!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

=)) =))
=)) =))
forget the damn lyrics :p enjoy the scene =)) =))

Nitai said...

haa haa haa...amazingly funny, can't stop laughing at the lines :))