Monday, June 06, 2005

My lady Loves!

5th June.. is a very important date for me. It relates to two of the only seven ladies in the world I can die for, any day.

It's my elder sister's birthday. My sister with whom, I still enjoy fighting over everything in world. My sister, who cares a lot for me. My sister, who inspite having married for almost 7 years now, is still an immature lady. My sister, who inspite of having two little angelic beauties, is still a kid at heart.

I love her way too much to express it.

And it also is a very important day for me personally. It is the day, only a very few people know, why it matters to me.

I don't know if it should still matter to me, but it still does.


Meeting friends is such a great feeling, and knowing that it's perhaps the last time that I would be meeting a few of them in life, is the worst one.

Sometimes people whom you offer the best of yours, for whom you always pray the best, become so distant, almost strangers. It's so painful, when you can't even dare to see the same person straight into eyes and talk. The same person, about whom you knew every minute detail, becomes so distant, that you don't have any idea about most of the happenings going on in that person's life.. and it hurts the most, when you know it from others.

But that's how things happen! Life still goes on.

This week is going to be the most stressful for me.. I have the toughest deadline to meet, I really need to slog my ass off!!

And I will.


Srinivas said...

I read this line in a book of Richard Bach called "Illusions"

If your happiness depends on someone else being happy/unhappy, then you're got serious problems

I'm just trying to see how I can apply that... All the best for your deadline.

Keshav said...

@Srinivas: Thanks for the wishes. But I couldn't place this quote of yours with respect to my blog! I never said, somebody's happiness or unhappiness decides the same for me.

But it does matter.

Srinivas said...

Well, I see a subtle connection... Anyways - happy birthday to your elder sister :)

Keshav said...

Hmm.. I dont know if there is a connection or not! May be there might be!!

And thanks for the wishes!

Rajeev said...

5th June!!!!!Hmmmmmm...........!!!!!

Keshav said...

Yes!! I knew you would get it!!
I trust you not to disclose it to anyone else!

But don't know if it should matter anymore?