Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bright Mornings?!?!

It was just a few days ago that I had written, "Lets see what other tragedies this year 2005 brings".. and here it goes.. It seems this year I am never going to have a decent bright morning full with optimism and hopes!

Every morning..since 1st I have been getting mighty blows on face. Sometimes I screw it all up..rest of the times, its fate! Every morning..its one alive bomb that I see in my mail box..and God knows from where all I get those..

It comes from those quarters which I had assumed would have got settled..becoz I had done everything possible to settle it.. but somehow..something is left open and then broooooooom!

Even today.. I think I had mentioned it to someone to please inform the other about my feelings, but I guess it never happened.. and now its too late!

Anyways...its good only.. I am getting used to face deadly blows everyday! And if the rate by which disasters are arriving for me this year, one by one..within a month only I would again stand all alone on this planet.

Chalo...let me get back to work and be ready for another blow to face! This time from which corner..lets see!

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